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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
On a total side note, does anyone else find it really strange that the NRA is targeting the video game industry for their violent video games?
I don't think they are making them out to be a scapegoat, but I think there are ramifications for all of the time people spend playing FPS games. If nothing else it desensitizes people to the violence involved in such acts. For the overwhelming population, it isn't going to cause someone to flip a switch and going on a shooting spree ala FPS games. In some very rare cases it might contribute to someone who is already mentally unstable to be more comfortable going off the deep end in a "blaze of glory" if they have done it a million times in in front of the TV.

I think the overall point is that it isn't helping things to have this level of violence (real or not) in our culture. If they try to pin the entire thing on FPS games, that will be just comical.
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