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Originally Posted by evolved View Post

As a firearm owner, I'm not a big fan of the NRA and this is one of the reasons. The author of this article is clearly anti-gun, but it was a quick google search that portrayed the ridiculousness that LaPierre is going on about in reference to the video game industry.
There is evidence in his reasoning. Kids playing Gears of War pumping 10000 rounds into zombies filled with blood and gore does have psychological effects (ie, desensitizes them to death and killing)...add that to the soup of pity, overmedication, etc...and that can be a recipe for disaster.

Do I think videogames create killers? Of course not. However, they do indeed have an effect on young minds, and while they alone are pretty harmless, add that to the cocktail of all the other crap and you have the recipe for quite a spectacle.
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