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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
You can find evidence anywhere you want to suit an agenda. I just find it odd that LaPierre is adamant about not blaming the gun industry, but will roll over onto the video game industry.
Blame the liberals and the media. They keep claiming that we are a violent nation (ie, we are a violent people.) Guns don't make people violent, they give people the ABILITY to be violent, much like baseball bats and knives can be used for violence. Some things are known to cause violence....steroids, alcohol (remember the Marine beating the cabbie?), etc. Videogames, movies, etc are all becoming more and more violent. People are conditioned and desensitized to it. Ever see the movie Rampage on netflix streaming? Horrible movie, but it was basically a crazy kid, got dressed up in full body armor, went into town and started killing literally everyone. Personally, I don't blame music, videogames, and movies (although their effect is undeniable.) We can blame the medical industry, the drug industry, the government, the education system, the parents, and a heap of other things before we can blame guns. It's only a matter of time until someone decides to blow up a school using ammonium nitrate.

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