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Originally Posted by kook View Post
In my car both needles stay pretty well permanently glued to the centre of the dial, outside temp goes under 25 and the water temp needle sits slightly left. Get to 40 or so outside, AC on, and the water temp needle will lean just slightly right of centre. Only time when my water needle has risen right up to about 3/4 mark was when it was 44 outside, AC on, stuck in heavy city traffic.
I got my coolant flushed about 20K ago.
If you really want to bulletproof your coolant system head down the Zionsville route. Plenty of guys whot street/track/race with them, and swear by them, (rather than at them) Guaranteed for life for street or race use...
Try cranking the AC on 16 on a 40 deg day whilst having the windows down and driving hard. That should get that needle up there. I don't encourage it though...

I use to drive the 325 hard on twisties with the AC on 16, windows down (sorry Brett!) and never had any issues at all. I guess it's just the highly strung S54's that are prone to the problem.

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