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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
There is a lot of ground to cover here, I almost don't know where to start. Tom, do you have a specific question about something to get the ball rolling?
Sure, personally I would like to discuss two topics; EOTech vs AimPoint vs Trijicon Optics and AimPoint M2 vs M3 vs M4. I'm still deciding which optic to purchase for my AR build and am trying to get as much feedback as possible.

Topic: EOTech vs AimPoint vs Trijicon Optics

-What are your overall views on each manufacturer regarding the quality, durability, value?
-Is there 1 optic from each manufacturer that is the most popular?
-What are your experiences with any of these manufacturers' optics and which model did you specifically use?

Topic: AimPoint Comp M2 vs M3 vs M4


-What are the major differences between these 3 optics?
-Which would you recommend?
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