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Topic: EOTech vs AimPoint vs Trijicon Optics

-What are your overall views on each manufacturer regarding the quality, durability, value?
All three are top tier quality. Durability may come into question regarding Eotechs, but I have not personally had a problem. Value? They are all pretty damn expensive, and depending on intended use there are definitely less expensive alternatives.

-Is there 1 optic from each manufacturer that is the most popular?
I think that answer depends on the crowd that you are asking. My opinion is Aimpoint - the micro line (T-1 or H-1), Eotech the XPS line, and Trijicon the ACOG (assuming the RMR is not in this discussion).

-What are your experiences with any of these manufacturers' optics and which model did you specifically use?
I have owned the Eotech 516, 517, XPS, the Aimpoint H-1, and I have not owned a Trijicon. I've been lucky enough to take quite a few carbine classes and I've had the opportunity to use a wide range of Aimpoints, Eotechs, and ACOGs. I've sold off my Aimpoint and I only use the Eotech XPS 2-0 now. My eye can "see" the reticle better then the Aimpoint, I prefer the larger window vs tube of the Aimpoint, I like the 1MOA dot of the Eotech, and I like the addition of the 65 MOA ring and the benefits it brings. The ACOG, eh, I just don't like it.

There have been questions about Eotechs holding up and battery life, but i have not had mine fail through five carbine classes, thousands and thousands of rounds, and my own drills at the range. The models that Reedo has seen fail in classes (I say this because I know its coming) have been the older models.

Topic: AimPoint Comp M2 vs M3 vs M4


-What are the major differences between these 3 optics?
-Which would you recommend?
I've got nothing for you on those.

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