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I'm not an expert but I chose my EOTech over an Aimpoint T1 for a couple reasons...

- I like the reticle on the EOTech a lot more than having the single 4 moa dot. You can use the large circle for quick target acquisition but if you needed to take a farther shot, it just seems easier with the EOTech's 1 moa center dot.

- Aimpoint wins obviously as far as battery life is concerned but for me it isn't really an issue as my rifle is a hobby for me, not a tool or anything I'd be relying upon for an extended period of time.

- I prefer the square profile (field of view might be a better term) of the EOTech to the T-1. I don't know how to explain it really other than, to me, it seems to just flow with things I look at through it (vertical poles/trees/walls/etc). The 'round' profile of the Aimpoint isn't bad to be and it doesn't really throw me off, it just doesn't feel as 'natural' to me.

Hope that makes sense!

(again, I'm no expert)
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