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Originally Posted by TSR6 View Post
Good question.

Likely it will end up being a "$200" scope, because obviously the scope would never be more than the rifle........

I'm not very familiar with the AR platform, nor the .223/5.56 ballistics. You have to remember I'm a hunter just finally getting my feet wet in a "fun" gun to shoot. I honestly don't know what ranges to expect as a maximum. I've only shot so far at ~50-60 yards so far, likely 10-15 rounds out of my gun in the two trips I've been able to make to this hunting land since my purchase..

I'm used to shooting all my guns at 100-150 yards. At the land I shoot at, we've got a dirt mound, stakes at 100 & 150 yards with a bench at the 150 yard stake (which incidentally the wood finally collapsed on me while sighting in my 300wsm this year ha!)

I'd want something that I can shoot at decent ranges, be highly accurate, and have some fun. It seems that there are quick-release style mounts to pull a scope off in tactical situations and/or still be somewhat accurate when reattached?

Regardless, I will NOT buy cheap scopes. I've seen the difference personally. I have some Leupold scopes, and the "cheapest" scope I have on any of my guns is a Weaver.
A standard colt flat top is quite capable of shooting sage rats/ground squirrels at 300 yards. (I've killed a lot of them....) My bolt gun is my gun of choice because I don't have to mess with loading mags, and it slows down ammo consumption.

I like a 6-14 power scope for small targets.
Off the shelf, You'll find this gun will easily out-shoot the 300 in the range your talking about and with a little adjusting, out to 250 or 300 yards, then the extra inertia of the 300 takes over out past that unless your shooting a very tuned rifle.. The low recoil is probably the main reason..

I know the holographic/ACOG's are popular, if I was shooting in combat no question its what I'd use.. But for target and plinking a more standard scope to me is more accurate and satisfying to shoot..

Enjoy it !

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