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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
We know:
Up to 150y
Tube style

We need a realistic budget.

LaRue makes excellent quick disconnect scope mounts that will return to zero.
I wouldn't pay much more than a Leupold VX-3, that's about my limit...

It'd be odd having a better scope on my "fun" gun than my deer gun.. lol

Originally Posted by dwtaylorpdx View Post
A standard colt flat top is quite capable of shooting sage rats/ground squirrels at 300 yards. (I've killed a lot of them....) My bolt gun is my gun of choice because I don't have to mess with loading mags, and it slows down ammo consumption.

I like a 6-14 power scope for small targets.
Off the shelf, You'll find this gun will easily out-shoot the 300 in the range your talking about and with a little adjusting, out to 250 or 300 yards, then the extra inertia of the 300 takes over out past that unless your shooting a very tuned rifle.. The low recoil is probably the main reason..

I know the holographic/ACOG's are popular, if I was shooting in combat no question its what I'd use.. But for target and plinking a more standard scope to me is more accurate and satisfying to shoot..

Enjoy it !

I bought the .223 for the low recoil! The 300wsm is fun...but better for shooting deer than paper!

I don't think I plan on a red dot/acog - I'm thinking more along the lines of a standard scope at this point..
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