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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post

This is why you should always use PayPal for such transactions, even if it involves you both paying each other equal sums of money. At least you have some legal backup with PayPal. Remember - Trust, but verify.

I am going to use this as an opportunity to mention that you should also avoid PayPal transactions where they ask you to send the payment as a "Gift". If you do so, then you lose all legal protections from PayPal. If they are too cheap to eat the tiny percentage that PayPal charges, then they should charge more.
ingeneral paypall is unreliable as well., they are not answerable to any legislature. Sure ebay owns it, but unless you actually go through ebay to paypall then your SOL if things go bad. I woulda bought his item, then sold your item to him for the exact same amount with Cash on delivery with a signature through FedEX or someone comperable. I've bought and sold bicycles online across country and that has been the only form of garuntee.

Maybe some ATL guys can go collect and hook a bro up! Its a hard lesson you learned about faceless buysell. fun to play with people on buysell when your aware of their knife-in-back intent.. endless entertainment
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