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Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
I'd be very appreciative of anyone willing to pay this guy a visit. If anyone is willing, I could throw some cash your way for your time if you're able to recover my part (or preferably the part I was supposed to get)
I would be suprised if he actually has the part you were supposed to get. It sounds like a scam all around.
I hate to say it, but the warning signs were there. I would never buy from someone whose first post was to sell or trade something. This is just a good lesson for everyone here. If you are going to do something with a lot of trust involved, like a trade, make sure you know the person, as much as you can know someone on a forum. I have bought a lot of things from the classifieds, and got some amazing deals, knock on wood. But you can never be too careful.
I would contact the doctor whose name is associated with the address. It is a starting point. Most likely, it is his not-worth-a-sh!t son, and he will make it right. It may not even be a scam at all, the guy may just be lazy, and has not bothered to remove the part from his car. I hope it all works out.
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