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Originally Posted by E46er75 View Post
FYI, I am all for change and new things but this is just a stupid arguement. Seriously, remember the Subaru Brat? That thing was terrible in it's day, very few people bought them, they're not appealing to most, hence that's why you don't see them anymore.

I'm just saying that this car is not an original and designs like this have been around for years. Let's not forget the car that this is named after the El Camino. Another joke!

To take a BMW and turn it into one of the most biggest flops as far as designing goes is just a waste.

How many designs like this are in development.... I'll wait.....
The Brat was a commercial failure but in many ways ahead of it's time as s small awd sporty utility vehicle, basically one of a kind then, first crossover?... Todays maybe not open back but those kinds of cars/utes everywhere now. Also don't forget they relaunched a Forrester version of it for a few years and many people bought them and tons of people out here in CA and unrusted West love and restore and drive el Caminos/Ford Rancheros. No they didn't sell too many Brats but it was a very cool little thing, loved the optional open air back seats. Ever ride back there as a kid? Pure unadulterated outdoor jeeplike FUN, with seatbelts. El Caminos always draw attention at car shows too, watch.

Unquestionable: Custom cars are art; art is in eye of beholder and value/quality is infinitely subjective..

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