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Originally Posted by scott0482 View Post
I have a more realistic option, and I don't care if anyone steals my idea anymore..
Outsource your driving to India, Mexico, even Indiana..
Someone sits in a cubicle, you grant them access to your car.. they drive it remotely using some computer monitors, and a desk mounted steering wheel, brake and gas pedal...
If you get drunk and need a ride home, pay $20, some dude in Bangalore drives your car back while you sleep in the driver's seat.. just hope that the internet doesn't lag too bad or cut out in the process.. (so.. the "audi", automated thing can help out for the few seconds here and there of internet issues)..
For anyone who's had experience with R/C cars (or heli's, planes, etc. Even with autopilot and stabilization) will know just how difficult it is to try and drive/Control a moving object from a relatively short distance without ever crashing/bumping into anything...

And, that's without any signal lag.
I hate to see what would happen when it's done half a world away > Even Experienced race car drivers or commercial pilots can't drive/land without bumping into something sometimes (and in a machines they are very familiar in) I can't imagine what some under paid kid at a call center will do with your car.

Originally Posted by scott0482 View Post
This isn't feasible yet.. and it goes hand in hand with the automated driving thing..

GPS.. accurate mappings of roads, etc..

%99.5 is taken care of by people in a "call center"... the rest is GPS, computer programming, etc..

as much as i hate to say it. eventually... computers will be able to drive cars with a lower accident percentage than people... once that happens.. once that happens... insurance will get on board. less accidents for automated cars than real people..
it will be rocky at first. large cities, then small cities..............

i am probably crazy and wrong..

i want to to drive my car. i like driving..
but.. if i decide to get drunk, or do other drugs.. then, why not let me car drive me back... especially if there is a real person controlling it...

in the short term.. it will be "cool"... i drove a guy's maseratti back from the bar.. or an m3. or a tesla type s. or anything..

it won't work with manual cars. but... the huge number of "drive by wire" cars.. done... i need to go to toyota, and work it out on lame ass cars..

saturn used to be the car company for people that hate cars. it is the prius now..

do you trust prius drivers more, or some guy in a call center who is driving their car as part of their job?
think about it.. just think....
From what has already occurred with our economy from outsourcing... manufacturing, IT/networking, credit card processing, I hate to see what will happen once we give up control of our own vehicles to distance "call-center" in india or other cheap labor force, ie: south africa...

Mental exercise, image this >
1. If a Bank wanted to take your vehicle back from one late payment... They'll be more than happy to give said "call center" company a buzz to have your car repo'd from ANYwhere! Possibly leaving you, your wife/daughter/son stranded in a place of danger.

2. If a business property has vague "No parking" sign(s) on their premises...
Instead of calling for a shady local tow truck company to remove your vehicle, Just give remote-driver-company a call. Again leaving you stranded without recourse.
Because who are you going to call to get your vehicle back? A local tow company or more likely make long distance international calls to india to ask or explain where your vehicle has been moved???

3. If a car dealership (or USED car dealer) wanted to "reclaim" your vehicle because there was a "mistake" in YOUR finances that "they didn't catch earlier" or some other dirty scam... Boom! You can bet your pretty underwear they'll give said call-center a friendly reminder to have your ride repo'd, remotely!

Be careful what you wish for...
Some food for thought.

Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
The only people I could see that would use this are the ones that are super loaded and don't give a sh1t about what could happen to the car once it drives off.
That's why those people have butlers and valets drive & park their rides since the age of the chariots.
Just saying..

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