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I understand how you feel towards motorcycles, it is different for me, as my father, brother, brother in law, sister and my niece ride. Not all commute daily though, just my niece. The best thing you can do is make sure he wears his gear..I cannot say that enough. I was planning on getting another as soon as I healed completely-my wife and children were all supportive of this, however I found out that I went over the extended cab truck in front of me and grazed the hood coming down--this I don't remember. .. I hope, for his sake that he realizes the dangers out cannot let your guard down..but, accidents will happen. I have had a lot of experience being cut off and being are invisible. As stated above, it has made me a better driver-I watch cars and drivers actions. I do not use my phone while driving, it takes too much attention away from driving...and this is the problem of today. The second best for me was a convertible, as me and my wife had one before this (wife was in an accident and it was totalled) and I wanted another... try, to talk him into one if you is the next best for me.
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