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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Stay away from anything ceramic, hawk hps, or hawk hp+ and you will most likely be fine for pedestrian driving.
While I'm not a huge fan of ceramic brake pads (I seem to be in the minority) OE (virtually all brands) is becoming more and more ceramic by the day. Our BMWs and most European cars have traditionally come OE with semi-metallic pads (Textar, Jurid, ATE, Pagid etc.) as opposed to Japanese cars which have been OE ceramic (Akebono (who for all intents and purposes pioneered ceramic pads) Nissin, Aisin, Sumitomo, etc.) for decades. German cars were equipped with semi-metallics for a very simple reason: high speed (Autobahn etc.). Until fairly recent times, ceramic pads while excellent for noise free, long wear and good stopping "pedestrian driving", did not perform well in higher heat applications (cracking was frequent) which is why (again, until recently) light trucks (up to 1 ton) have been factory equipped with semi-metallics. Today things are changing. I was speaking to our Akebono rep recently and he informed me that they have been working closely with European car makers such as BMW and Mercedes (also domestic light truck mfgs.) and have developed ceramic formulas that meet or exceed their requirements as evidenced by their new "Euro" product group. Akebonos are one of, if not the most expensive factory replacement pads on the market so make no mistake, they are not approaching the market as an "economy" product. They advertise as OE (which they are on many platforms) or better.

Again, maybe this dog's getting old, but I'm not a big fan of ceramics (but I may try some Akebonos at some point as I like to be able to speak from experience) but technology is moving at breakneck speeds and it's a good idea to stay/become informed.

This all being said, ceramics may well be a viable option for you (just ask Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, etc.) depending on your needs. We sell a ton of Akebono and Posi-Quiet pads to installers that do premium brake jobs including some dealerships. In fact, two of our dealerships say the Posi-Quiet ceramics are less problematic than their own pads lol!
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