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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
And at this time the Republicans were saying the same thing that Democrats are saying now. It's pathetic that both parties basically flip flop when the opposite party is in the big chair in the oval office.

Republicans in 2006 = C'monnnnnn guys, the debt and deficit don't matter!
Democrats in 2006 = We are burdening our children and grandchildren.

Republicans in 2008+ = This level of debt is irresponsible!
Democrats in 2008+ = C'monnnnnnn guys, the debt and deficit don't matter!
This arguement is childish. It was wrong when Bush did it, and it is wrong that Obama is doing it. We can't do much about Bush now can we? I wasn't happy when Bush spent a fortune, and Im not happy that Obama continues to spend and doesn't do anything about it.
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