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As an update:
I was able to get in contact with his wife. Turns out the father is actually the guy I'm talking to. Either there is another "Frank A Busse" in ATL that works as a doctor, or this guy lied. I'm guessing the latter. Anyways, the wife told me that he wasn't happy with my pipe and he was "in the process of getting it shipped out". I'm not sure if this guy is the laziest guy in the world...but he got the part on tuesday and claimed to have the pipe I was supposed to get shipped wednesday the 2nd (2nd day air shipping by the way). At this point, I'm likely out 400-450 at the shop for putting the part on, taking it off and what will be 2 weeks worth of storage (if I can even get the pipe back). So I'm going to press for that money as well (after I get the pipe).

The long and short of this is I've learned a lesson that some guys are just bad guys. I'd like to think that everyone is a fair, level headed person, but that's obviously not case.
"When makin' a questionable decision, sometimes the only way to find the answer is to shut your eyes & mash the pedal to the metal, you guys."
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