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Cellucor C4..creatine nitrates..thoughts

I've been getting some pretty good results from my workout plan and was told about this C4 Cellucor pre workout supplement. I tried it, and I had a few amazing workouts with it. I've read that the issue of taking supplements like this is that it leads to an increased metabolism, and you also have to be sure to increase your water intake as well. I think I've been doing a pretty good job, but I've had some intense headaches as of late the following day..not sure if it's work related or not, but the frequency of headaches did increase after trying this stuff..Anyone with some more knowledge on this matter? I mean I really like the stuff, use it a couple times a week..But if headaches persist..I guess I'd refrain from using it too often. I'm not on any sort of medication, nitrates etc..has anyone been into this stuff? How often do you guys use it? Anything to worry about for a relatively, healthy individual? I guess moderation is key, and don't use it every single workout right?
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