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Nice, I'll have a look for the thread.

I've owned pretty much manuals exclusively until this BMW. My other car is an Audi A4 Avant with APR 91 and 93 octane programs. It's a 6 speed manual but for the first time in almost 20 years I've been driving, I'm kind of sick of the manual. I'm looking to sell it next fall and buy a used Q7 TDI for a daily driver.

The bimmer for an automatic actually drives pretty good in stock mode. I think the ESS system will be pretty awesome on the car. My plan is to put in the supercharger then in a couple years or so buy a convertible M3 w/ SMG tranny. I might even put a supercharger on that car too if my experience is good, haha (wonder if the ESS system is transferable to the M3 Hmmmm I'll have to look into that one)

My friend has a 2007 335xi (coupe) with the GIAC chip and that thing is crazy fast! I drove it once and pinned it and the front tires almost came off the ground! I think he said it was about 450hp with the chip according to GIAC.

Actually I have another Q for you. When you accelerate and let off the throttle, does the boost from the s/c discharge into the cold air intake tubing? I have never owned a s/c system, but when I put that CAI on my turbo Jetta it discharged into the CAI tubing which I wasn't a fan of.
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