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Originally Posted by AC Yate View Post
How about for someone that's never done this before so I'd be following instructions while doing the repair work. Also, can this be done with a simple jack one wheel at a time? I'm thinking about searching for afterhours mechanics vs. DIY but if I do it myself, then I'd have to make sure I have all the tools and extra parts in order. Do you think an afterhours mechanic (say from Craigslist) can do all four wheels (just pads and sensors, not rotors) for say 2 hours labor? Thanks again for the replies.
Yes and yes.
This is one of those things where its just too easy to NOT do yourself.
There are literally just a couple bolts which need to be undone on the caliper.

A local sponsor had OEM-spec brake pads for $20/set rear, $35/set front.

You need to do 30% of the work shown in this video, since you're only changing pads:

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