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Yes, you can be successful without a degree. BUT you need to be either very good at what you do or you need a lot of relations in the field you want to work in. No-one will choose you without a degree over someone who has one, unless they know you personally or have heard good things about you.

I do not know how the school-system in the US works, but cant you just take a break from school for a year or two to clear your mind, see the world, have a few different jobs etc, and then decide what you want to do with your life? And only then head to uni once you have figured this out. There is no point in struggling to get a degree at something that you do not like and possibly end up working at the same warehouse 10 years later, because you did not want to work in the field you studied.

Thats what I did and at the moment it seems that it I made the right choice. At first, after finishing the 12th grade ('college' over here in Europe, our school system is a bit different) I went straight to uni and chose a random degree that had an awesome name without actually thinking. I studied for 2 years to find out it was not for me and I quit.

After that I started working for a friends dads company as a salesman (actually I still work for him, we sell and build special equipment to the police, military forces and ambulances. I.e Cameras, wireless internet and GPS solutions, video surveillance, licence plate recognition, emergency lights etc). I have met lots of new people of different ages and backgrounds (I travel a lot because of my job) and thanks to that I have realized what I want to do in the future. So now I will go back to the uni next autumn and get a degree in something I actually want to do (I will study IT).

Best of luck and remember: you are never too old to learn something new

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