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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
My comment mentioning "trusting the parts guy" was basically suggesting how our buying trends have changed. My local stores, other than NAPA, are indeed scary. However, sometimes you win with local retail. I picked up a killer battery from Autozone that was way cheaper than the dealer. I didn't mean to bring up judgement of knowledge or skills parts guys may have.
Lol. I didnít take it like that at all. In fact, I wholeheartedly agree. The traditional "parts guy" that was a reasonably reliable source of good technical information is pretty much going the way of the condor. When I was coming up, we looked up parts in books and we had to have a basic idea of what we were looking for, what it looked like and what it did. Now days if you walk into an Autozone or whatever and ask for an idle control motor, the kid with the tattoos and hardware in his face can punch a couple of buttons on a computer and sell it to you without having the vaguest idea if it looks like a crankshaft or a PCV valve much less what it does. Heaven forbid YOU donít know what itís called and bring your old one in as a sample. Glazed looks will be the order of the day!!

Your advice is spot on about doing comprehensive research and not taking the first word you hear (even from purported experts) as gospel.
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