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Hi everyone. I've had a lot of challenges getting my Android unit to work right, but I think I have all the elements functional now, just not all the time. There are some starts where android boots beautifully and wifi connects to my hotspot and my android bluetooth is on. But then there are times that it doesn't happen, and my wifi can't connect no matter what I do, and my bluetooth can't turn on, etc.

I suspect that the unit is very finicky about how it starts up and shuts down. My question is, what is the best process to start up Android on the Dynavin? And just as important, what is the best process to shut it down?


- turn on hotspot on cell phone as you are getting in car
- turn on car
- turn on dynavin
- wait until dynavin side has fully booted
- press Navi
- wait approximately 1 min after android boot completion to confirm wifi, bluetooth and GPS connections

- End apps and go to home screen
- hold power button for 3 secs to shut down unit
- wait 15 secs and turn off vehicle

These are not the perfect steps, but give you an idea of what I am thinking. Any suggestions?
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