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Raising an old thread here rather than start over. My car has had a brain snap for some reason or other.

Recent history:

1. Yesterday, while driving along the motorway, the DSC light and the amber park brake light came on with a beep. According to the book this means DSC failure. I've had this before and the codes showed there was a problem with one of the brake pressure sensors. Jiggling of the big electrical plug at the DSC unit and the wires to the pressure sensors fixed it the last time - at least 12 months ago. So this morning, I gave the plugs and leads a good jiggle about and took the car for a 16 km test drive. No repeat of the warning lights - excellent.

2. I exit the motorway from this test drive in a rather spirited fashion and bugga me the power steering goes rigid i.e. no assist as I enter the exit and start turning.
So I struggle home with my now BMW truck. I've had a search on the forum and will do some more but I need some more ideas.

So far I have checked the following:

1. Taken off the splash shield and had a good look around under the engine bay - no leaks of anything anywhere and nothing on the inside of the splash shield.
2. Thorough check of the PS pump area and no leaks or busted pipes/hoses or anything. It is a LUK LF20 pump.
3. Took off the serpentine belt and P.S. pump shaft is not broken. Belt is not slipping.
4. Checked the fluid level -all OK and clean red. Cannot ascertain whether fluid is returning to the reservoir when the PS pump is running though.
5. No whines or odd noises coming from the PS pump.
6. Jacked up front end and worked wheels from left to right and back a few times by hand - no problems detected

I can't see how the DSC failure warning and this PS problem could be related but it is a BMW...

Has anyone out there got any ideas or experience with this sort of issue?

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