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Special Tools for Suspension Overhaul

Iíve got a good set of tools but there are some special ones for this job.

Hereís what I have so far:
Torque Wrench
- recently calibrated so itís good for 60-600 in lb and 50-500 ft lb.
Air Impact Wrench
- havenít used it yet but seems like a good tool for this job
Ball Joint Puller
- previously used for replacing control arms
Jack Stands
- I don't have access to a lift so this will be done in my driveway on jackstands

Hereís what I think Iíll need for the job:
Coil Spring Compressor
- Iíd rather not purchase this one use tool so I might check if a local mechanic will help me swap the springs.
- better yet would be borrowing this tool so I keep the time require for the swap to a minimum.
Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Tool
- again Iíd rather not purchase a one use tool but not sure where to borrow/rent in Vancouver. Some people have just drilled/cut the old one out and then built a tool with threaded rod and pipe fittings.
Trailing Arm Pre-load Tool
- Yet another one off tool, Iím just planning on using a long metal straight edge

Are there any other special tools needed. I donít want to get part way through and then have to track down a hard to get specialty item.
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