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Originally Posted by jpbutler1983 View Post
Ok. So I unplugged and replugged the relays in the ebox. And I took the seat out with my son cranking up the car I put my ear against the plate on the passenger side. I'm pretty sure I didn't hear anything.

Now under the understanding that its loud, then its not working...

But someone said its faint... So. I may need to take the plate off and use some sort of medium to help me hear it...
Mine isn't loud, OP, but then again, I'm deaf in one ear!

Key to position 2 for FP to turn, right? You could use a little section of hose or even a glass to amplify the sound if you wanted to.

You say you have gas...are you sure, as in, if you don't trust the gauge?

Did you check the kalim fuse that I think I mentioned? The 20 amp fuse in the fuse pack?

FP is very easy to do, though...all you need is the 10 mm wrench you have in the trunk, two chisels, two hammers, and a friend (for 1 minute) get the clamping ring off (if yours is like mine).
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