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Vendors for Suspension Overhaul

I live in Vancouver and AFAIK there is nowhere I can go and just purchase all the parts at reasonable prices. Parts are much cheaper in the US but shipping to Canada horrible. Free Trade was created for businesses and does nothing to help the average citizen. I can get parts shipped to the US side of the border and then drive across and bring back ~$350 without getting charged duty and taxes by the border guards.

Canadian Tire
They carry Michelin Pilot Super Sport for $251/$296 (front/rear).
Tire rake is cheaper but there is no road hazard warranty for Canada, with shipping, brokerage fees and duty the difference is less than $150.

Tire Rack
Koni FSD price is $765 + $58 shipping direct to Canada.

ECS Tuning
ECS Carbon Fiber Strut Bar Kit for $170

Pelican Parts
They have been my go to vendor for good parts at reasonable prices. Iím planning on ordering most of the bits and pieces in one or two orders each less than the ~$350 border guard limit.

Strut Parts for $218
31-30-6-779-487 Strut Bolt with washer
31-33-6-752-735-M69 Front Strut Mount, Left Or Right, Each
31-33-1-091-867-M269 Upper Front Spring Pad
31-33-1-096-664-M269 Lower Front Spring Pad
31-31-6-769-731-BOE Front Strut Mount Nut
51-71-703-6781 Upper Front Strut Reinforcing Plate
07-11-9-904-295-M58 Collar Nut, 8 mm (Locking)
07-11-9-900-402-M9 Rear Shock Mounting Bolt
33-53-1-138-109-M58 Foam Bump Stop for Rear Shocks
33-52-1-092-362-M810 Upper Rear Shock Mount
33-52-6-772-864-M30 Gasket, for Rear Upper Shock Mount
07-11-9-904-295-M58 Collar Nut, 8 mm (Locking)
33-53-1-094-518-M9 Spring Pad, Rear Lower
33-53-1-136-385-M9 Spring Pad (5 mm)
31-10-6-772-199-M9 Hex Nut with Flange for axle support
33-32-6-770-786-M36 Mounting Bushing for Rear Trailing Arm
09-3031-010-M230 Reinforcement Spacer Set for RTAB

Swaybar Parts for $135
Hex Nut with Flange
07-11-9-904-295-M58 Locking Nut with Collar
07-12-9-904-002-BOE Self Locking Hex Nut
07-11-9-902-900-BOE Hex Bolt
07-11-9-912-501-BOE Bolt for rear swaybar link
31-35-6-780-847-M36 Front Sway Bar End Link
33-55-1-094-619-M69 Rear Sway Bar Link
31-35-1-097-179-BOE Front Swaybar Bushing 24mm
Rear Swaybar Bushing 20mm

Steering Parts for $289
32-30-6-752-957-M9 Steering coupler
PEL-TRSKE46-1 Tie Rod Kit
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