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Originally Posted by forzamilan10 View Post
Hi guys,

So basically, I was fined for driving 45KM/H+ last night. I was driving nearby Mascot through that long tunnel where for god knows what reason I had an urge to put my foot down.

I was astonished to discover the speed limit was only 70KMH as it's essentially a 6 lane wide two-direction highway.

This offence actually warrants police to confiscate the vehicle and/or license plates, fortunately I was very lucky and the police let me keep both, so a mate drove the car home.

My license was confiscated on the spot and at the moment I'm looking at 6 months suspension.

There is no denying I'm in the wrong, and I acknowledge that, just thought I could get any advice from people that have either dealt with, or been in a similar situation.

I actually need to be able to drive for my job, so it was foolish to take this privilege with such a grain of salt.

In any case, all help, advice, thoughts, is welcomed.

Definitely a traffic lawyer is the way to go, but I think no matter what you will lose your licence for a certain period of time. At the very most you could maybe get away with going on the good behaviour bond.

Also what's your driving record like? If you have a pretty clean record that will play in your favour too.
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