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After reading everyone's input (thank you all by the way), I am leaning more towards the FP. My car sounds exactly like the one in the video that was posted above. I have a voltmeter. tomorrow I will undo the plate and check for 12VDC at the plug. That will remove all doubt about the fuses and what have you.

I didn't find the kalim fuse in the Ebox, all I saw were wires and relays... either way, if I get 12vdc at the plug, then it will confirm continuity of the electrical system... it will also tell me how many volts my battery is sending to the pump. So it seems like a good check regardless.

I don't think that it's that battery. I used the correct rating of battery when I tried to jump it, and I even let it sit for a few minutes, and the symptoms remained the same. I don't have the best of hearing so that is why I am going to take the plate off and double check... just to be sure.

I think the part number that was given to me in the Ebay search is in fact correct. 140 bucks is better than paying out the wahzoo for mechanic shop parts and labor... especially for this easy of a job.

To answer the questions that were asked earlier, I don't know how old the battery is. the mileage is at 167000 miles. If the pump has never been changed, I suppose even if it doesn't fix the problem, it might be good just to do it anyway as a preventative maintenance effort. Whilst I am dealing with the fuel system anyway, I might as well change out the filter too, I guess.

Thank you guys for all the input. You all are the best. I will update when I know fo sho!
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