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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Suggest you read the 2nd link in my signature below.

Not sure you picked up on the fact the fuel pump relay is behind the glovebox??

Did not read the entire thread.

Voltmeter on the fuel pump wiring will likely confuse you, you would not be the first one.

$3 can of starting fluid will answer the question.

BMA Parts is good, they ship from many warehouses across the country.

I have a new pump here in stock for my 2006 or anyone else that ends up needing one!

Good luck.
I got lost somewhere... what question will the starting fluid answer??

yeah, I must have missed the "behind the glovebox" reference while scrolling through the mobile app in the parking lot. My bad.

As far as the voltmeter is concerned, I am an electronics technician by trade and pretty much use that all the time. I think I will be able to manage my way around the wiring.

Thanks for the BMA confirmation, I will most likely use them then. This forum is a great resource. I don't know where I would be (besides stranded on the side of the road) without you guys... and gals.
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