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Originally Posted by ///MPR77 View Post
First off I assume you have no check engine light, as you're not reporting one.

How many miles/Km?

Sounds like a couple of possibilities:

1.Vacuum Leak
Intake boots could have cracks, or not seated properly etc.

2. Fuel pump could be soft failing, and, or relay and filter

3. When you mention sluggish take- offs, I think of cam position sensors, but they would throw a light, and a code. I have experienced sluggish, downright unsafe acceleration, as a result of a failed intake cps (cam sensor)

It could be many things, if you can find someone, perhaps a local fanatic that will scan your OBC for codes, it will help immensely.

Search user jofj and see his SIG for info on your issue.

Good Luck.

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It definitely isn't unsafe acceleration. Car goes but I got a feeling it's designed like this maybe on purpose to provide a gentle/soft take off if you know what I mean. (if I plant it, it bloody goes hard!)

Also rev drop is very slight...Half a second maybe...maybe I should get my mechanic to lift the revs up a touch and see if that fixes it
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