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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
This is hilarious.

Yes I have tried them on an xi and an accord. They are a substantial downgrade to oem in stopping power.

Generic parts guys advice is a complete waste of time guys. They are just trying to sell you a product that you won't bring back to the store because they squeal or fall apart in a year, while maximizing profit.

This is an enthusiast website. You're trying to push an inferior product in front of people that wouldn't buy anything but oil and wipers for their BMW from the napa or pep boys you sell jobber parts out of. I think most of us do our own brakes, but if we didnt we most likely wouldn't use a shop that buys parts from your store either.
Wow! a lot of assumptions and undue hostility bro.. I am not trying to steal your obviously much coveted status here. The OP asked for info on pads that produce less dust than OE pads and I offered a couple of viable and completely appropriate suggestions. I fail to understand that because YOU don't like them, my (VERY educated) opinion is somehow negated.

How is it that knowing nothing about me you assume I am a "generic parts guy"? I have spent more than half my life in automotive and have done everything from delivery driver, counter sales, wholesale sales, purchasing, inventory management, customer relations, machinist, lower management, upper management, AR/AP, human resources, payroll, IT/network administrator, CFO and CEO. I have attended countless tech seminars, product development consortiums, toured numerous manufacturing facilities and as a VERY pertinent side note, I have also been a European parts specialist/consultant. Not to mention being in close relationships with more automotive experts that I could possibly count. I do this stuff all day, every day. Our facility is privately held and the largest, most successful operation of it's kind in Colorado Springs and we didn't get that way by being a typical Pep Boys, Autozone type of robot operated, generic chain. Where do you get your highly self elevated expertise and credibility?

I personally don't care one iota if anyone here ever buys any of the products that I have recommended but I will say that anyone that does buy parts from me has FULL, no questions asked satisfaction backing. I get maybe two to three people a YEAR that bring back parts that they aren't happy with. You know why? First, because some people are never happy with anything (shoe fit?) and second, because I know cars and parts and I don't recommend parts that I think they will be unhappy with.

Also, I know this is an enthusiast website and guess what? I joined because I'm an enthusiast. I may be new to you but I'm not new to this. There are many flavors of enthusiasts in case you are too self absorbed for that to register. Some like to track, some like to street race, some like to cruise, some like to tour and so on. I have recommended products that certain segments of this enthusiast site would be very happy with. I know this because I'm happy with them and I'm an enthusiast. Would I recommend Akebonos or Posi-Quiets for the track? Absolutely not! Would I recommend them for WHAT THE OP ASKED FOR?? Absolutely yes and if they were bought from me, I would insist he be happy with them! As far as inferior product, Really? Akebono is one of the largest, most sought after, respected and cutting edge names in brakes whose reputation is firmly rooted in OE. OE on your Accord by the way (maybe you can explain how they can be an OE downgrade when they ARE OE lol.). They also have the lowest defect rate in the industry and have over 100 people in research and development alone. You can't even get them at the big box generic stores. Please tell me and everyone else here, how you can justify saying that they make an inferior product.

Lastly, if you lived in Colorado Springs and took your Beemer to a shop to have it worked on, most likely it would be one that does buy from us.

People, beware of advise from someone that makes blanket, uninformed statements like "Stay away from anything ceramic" when that's the direction that the ENTIRE automotive industry is headed.

You may get back up on your high horse now.

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