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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
CMMG and RRA both use components made by LW Schneider. RRA will have a higher threshold for quality control, and they won't take the same grade components that CMMG will. RRA usually sticks to grades 1-3, while CMMG hovers in the 3-5 range.
CMMG is basically DPMS. They claim they're not, but they are. They're still using DPMS sourced components.
I have used RRA components in several builds and they're good quality.

Originally Posted by carcus View Post
They have some cheap Frontier composite ones out there. I have no experience with them though. Check your local armslist.....some come up at a decent deal.
DO NOT BUY composite/polymer lowers. They're junk. They WILL break. I've posted photos on this forum numerous times. Frontier is a common offender. They can't handle the stresses of the AR15 design and it's been proven over and over. I've actually had my hands on several broken polymer/composite lowers. ****ING JUNK.
Please don't every buy them. Anyone. Everyone here deserves better.

Originally Posted by tailo View Post
I'd pass on the poly lowers. It dont take to much pressure to snap one.

A lowers a lower... not to many out of spec lowers floating around today and even the cheapest of lowers will perform just as well as a more expensive model if its in spec.

However, I would avoid any of the "local brands" no clue how good they are and you have to think that the hand full of people who recomend them are probably buying them because there the dirt cheapest and they have no real experiance with the platform or the financial backing to shoot one until it fails. They may be the best thing out there...there probably not. I know of one local machine shop producing 10 rifles a week. Right now there 75+ rifles backordered and they are selling for $850 IIRC for a complete rifle. I've got a friend whos drinking there coolaid but I'm not going to waste any money preordering what's probably junk just yet.

I'd stick with a established brand RRA, Bushmaster, DPMS.... ect ect ect... There all gona be about the same when it comes to lowers.
The key is making sure it's in spec, which not all companies do well.
Top level companies use higher grade components that are more durable and reliable.

Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Anyone have any comments on these above? Shadow weapons? Looking at maybe ordering
It's not going to be top of the line, but it'll probably work decently. I would be willing to bet that they're on par with Palmetto State or similar companies. Hobby grade, maybe enough for some moderate use and abuse. If you want a range gun, it's probably an acceptable purchase. Not my cup of tea, but you have to ask yourself how picky you can afford to be at this time.
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