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Another update and not good news, i really need some help!

1. I still have the three lights on dash even with new reluctor ring on rear left driveshaft
2. Inpa shows no signal from that wheel sensor when car moves, all others fine
3. Steering angle fine
4. Dis shows only one code, no signal rear left wheel
5. Ive even tried swappng rear sensors in case my new one was duff, no joy
6. Im getting 12v at the sensor connector ok
7. Ive checked all fuses etc all ok
8. All dsc tests in dis i can do work fine. So dsc is communicating ok.

So, either there is still something wrong with this new abs ring, but it is aligned spot on looks right to me, or i have a bad dsc module, or i have some broken wire from that wheel sensor back to module?

Anyone had smilar, where one wheel shows no signal but in fact it was dsc module? Im trying to work out if i can buy a used one to swap out but struggling to find if i can recode it using inpa or dis? Is it easy to remove also without disconnecting brake lines? Looks tucked away and cant see any obvious screws

Or, is it time to take it to an indy? I have used weavers in glasgow before so may just hand it to them now.

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