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Thank you for the entertaining read. I'm starting to love this forum. Both members are in the wrong.

Here's what lessons Mr. Rodgers says are to be learned from this debacle:

1.) Don't trade with teenagers over das internets. I lol'd at getting his mom involved. Poor woman.

2.) Don't trade items over das internets unless they're a long-time forum member with a good rep or they are within driving (or ass beating range since everyone is a tough guy) distance.

3.) If you ignore the first two, then send pictures of said item(s) to each other detailing everything that's wrong with them. Ask questions about the items. If you don't get responses, or if the person is being shady then move on.

4.) If you don't know how to e-mail pictures, text pictures or insert pictures into a forum post by now, then please insert your head into an oven while it's on.

You 2 communicated like a married couple. Maybe it's meant to be? :shhh:

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