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My Ride: 2003 330ci
2003 330ci 103k miles zf5hp19 tranny. I have replaced my alternator, battery, and starter (in that order) since I purchased my car in oct 2011. Since 2011, my car has seen the "Cog" give or take 5 times. All at a stop signs. I have always turned off my car and back on, and it goes away. one day this happened and my car goes into "limp mode" The only lights on my dash are the service engine light, and the "Cog"

after research I find that I should replace my speed sensor, and turbine sensor, along with changing the ATF fluid.

After these procedures I Have my car re-flashed at Kuni BMW, portland OR.

Car runs So nice! brand new feeling!

(now I tell you I am running aftermarket angle eyes, Aftermarket speakers front only, and a aftermarket subwoofer with amp)

After my car is running so nicely, I decide to hook up my sub. drive for about 10 mins With OUT the music on, and I come to a stop. at the stop I turn on my music, and immediately after I play a song I hear a knock under the car, and my service engine light, and Cog lights come back on.''

this is my story, im still looking for a cause and a cure. I will update here the second I figure it out. Tho I am thinking of just doing a manual swap.
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