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Originally Posted by Zardoz33 View Post
Thank you for the entertaining read. I'm starting to love this forum. Both members are in the wrong.

Here's what lessons Dr. Phil says are to be learned from this debacle:

1.) Don't trade with teenagers over das internets. I lol'd at getting his mom involved. Poor woman.

2.) Don't trade items over das internets unless they're a long-time forum member with a good rep or they are within driving (or ass beating range since everyone is a tough guy) distance.

3.) If you ignore the first two, then send pictures of said item(s) to each other detailing everything that's wrong with them. Ask questions about the items. If you don't get responses, or if the person is being shady then move on.

4.) If you don't know how to e-mail pictures, text pictures or insert pictures into a forum post by now, then please insert your head into an oven while it's on.

You 2 communicated like a married couple. Maybe it's meant to be? :shhh:

Originally Posted by JB1980 View Post
This is exactly what I was talking about when I said FrankenPipe, R&I Motorsports knows better than this. I did for real almost cut that POS up with my Grinder and was going to teach my buddy how to weld properly, exact opposite of this horrendous SS Wannabe Trash.. Part of the Pipe may be real but the whole thing is shitty and looks like it was whored out. :lmao::lmao:

Also just to set the record straight... He has been working his ass off and not even had time to leave work to do anything with the pipe and he did put the OP on the backburner bc he was pissed and busy. I dont know about you but I wouldnt be stressing sending some Douche his POS Fake ass pipe back. I agree also that pics should have went both ways prior to the transaction but hey it didn't and here we are. This has been alot of fun though. OP do your research when you make these bold claims because you end up sounding as stupid as your pipe lools. I saw all the text messages you sent about the pipe and was laughing soooo hard.... You guys are funny buying junk and acting like it is top notch, ballers on a budget need to go back to RICE..
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