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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
Thanks for the replies guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in 2007.. i was 25.. i wanted a coupe.. and some more hp.. the silver was a 316i.. That's all..

My coupe had a 4cyl N42 2lt valvetronic engine.. not tunable at all.. I didn't want to go custom or experimenting going F/I with that engine..
So the M54 was my solution.. in 2010..

Not a turbo fan.. and not a custom fun.. I prefer a low boost reliable supercharger kit..
Iam not looking for crazy numbers.. Let's say like M3 performance..
My car is not a DD, i don't track it and i don't street race.. It's just for ME..

My friend with a black coupe, had an accident and he had some problems with his job at that time.. that's why i gave him my stuff very cheap..
I could walk you through a nitrous set up that will run with modded e92 m3s... I've done all the work. Tuned it on the dyno, here is my build. It's easy now, I will share all the jet info. Parts are much cheaper for a m54.

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