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You probably won't. It's not commercially available, and likely won't be until later this year or even next year. The Mark8 1.1-8x CQBSS took close to a year and a half to hit the commercial market. The current estimate for the DAGR is around $3300, but that's based off of MSRP calculations.
The only negative part of this scope is that it runs the worthless TReMor2 reticle. Somehow Horus was able to sell the Army on their nonsensical reticles, and now the Army is forcing it down the throats of all their snipers, despite many not wanting it. Leupold is going to town with the Horus reticles, which is sad. The biggest abominations they have are the fact that A.) the Mark8 CQBSS fire-dot only works with the Horus H27D reticle, and not the M-TMR reticle, and B.) the Mark6 3-18x is not offered with a TMR or M-TMR, and instead only with BDC reticles (CMR-W 5.56 and 7.62) or the Horus TReMor2. Leupold is a good company, but their tactical division has stated that they have little regard for the commercial, LE and GOV markets since they make so much off the military. As such, they build to appease the military, not anyone else.
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