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Originally Posted by FragNasty View Post
Thanks for the link. Nice story!

Is there an official link that Redline would publish regarding features/failsafes that the ECU provides?

First off ProEFI has built in failsafes that are imbedded into the code so they are always on. For example overboost. With the I boost you have 5 boost curves that are allowable. You can set the overboost amount and time in the software. So lets say that you have a curve that goes from 18 psi to 33 psi from 0 mph to 60 mph. Then if you ever go X amount of boost over your setpoint for Y amount of time, then overboost kicks in. X and Y being adjustable. Overboost will then engage a fuel cut/ ignition cut to save you. Now you can also setup additional thing to happen like the check engine light coming on, nitrous shutting off etc.

ProEFI of course has individual cylinder knock control that again automatically retards timing instantly in the offending cylinder but then you can set it to put on a check engine light, disable nitrous, default to base boost etc when this occurs.

Also built into the code is fuel pressure safety compensation. If the fuel pressure does not rise with boost the ecu automatically adjusts the injector pulse width to keep your a/f's perfect. Then you can setup what else happens with the fault manager like check engine light, disable nitrous, base boost, rev limiter etc.

ProEFI also has a complete OEM style fault manager. IF any sensor goes out of range it can be set to throw a check engine light, engage a revlimiter, disable nitrous, go to base boost or just about anything that you can imagine. These actions can also be set to happen only if the fault occurs, suspected, active, occurred etc. Meaning that you can set the number of times that a sensor has to go out of range to set the fault, below that it would be considered suspected, over that it would be considered occurred. If you set the manager to occurred for example to disable nitrous, then the ecu will not let nitrous activate until the fault is cleared. If you set it to active then the nitrous will only be disable if the fault is active.

You also have curves that you can set for example for oil pressure. If the oil pressure is below what you set by rpm at any point then you can set it to do up to 4 actions from invoke a hard cut, shut you completely down, turn of nitrous, base boost or simply put on a check engine light.

You can do this for pretty much any fault !!

Here is a partial list of the faults that are in the ProEFI.

Boost limit exceeded, brake/clutch pressure high/low, cam edge fault, cam sync fault, crank edge fault, crank sync fault, differential wheel speed exceeded, drive shaft speed exceeded, coolant temp high, EGT high, Electronic throttle body open fault, electronic throttle body sticking, engine over speed, ethanol content low, exhaust back pressure high.low, (1st-6th) gear accel limit exceeded, flex fuel sensor fault, air temp fault or high/low, I boost switch fault, knock sensor fault, map sensor fault, mass air meter fault, nitrous bottle pressure fault or high/low up to 4 bottles, nitrous armed, nitrous engaged, O2 failed lean/rich (two sensors), O2 target not met, oil temp high/low, oil pressure high low, oil temp sensor fault, oil pressure sensor fault, fuel pressure sensor fault, fuel pressure not rising with boost etc, radiator pressure sensor fault, radiator pressure high, batt voltage high/low, TPS sensor fault or out of range, trans temp sensor fault or high/low, trans pressure sensor fault or high/low, turbo speed sensor fault or high, vehicle speed accel limit exceeded, variable cam errors, wastegate pressure sensor high/low.

So therefore if any of these actions happens, you can have it do up to 4 things as a result!!

Also you can get the check engine light to flash codes like OEM as well and the faults are displayed on the can display too.
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