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Okay, we all know the OP probably dashed out and picked up a set of Raybestos with Chin-Chan-Woo drilled rotors by now. The sword fight is futile.

Chilone clearly has a qualified opinion and absolutely should post his recommendations. He did not state his storefront name for any personal gain. I've been here long enough to see sponsored vendors boldly trick people with glossy photos of cheesy, knock-off parts. They rarely get challenged.

The intent of a forum discussion is to have a discussion. All contributors have something to offer and should be recognized as where they're coming from. I often lead a comment I'm about to post with: "I've read"... to qualify the statement. I'm not absolutely sure a mentioned part is sketchy but "I've read" where others didn't like it. These type of comments are weak but may inspire a buyer to research more. You also risk getting corrected quickly where an experienced enthusiast comes back with: man, are you wrong...

I've been whacked by Kubica too. Not defending his posting style but I'll say he treats all pretty much the same. I find humor in some of his thread enders that are slightly edgy yet clear. I read his responses and they, though often short and terse, are interesting, come from experience and have value. Some react to this style and take insult.

Can we consider where others are coming from before pointing a shotgun at 'em? It's about respect and our collective knowledge that makes this a fun place to visit. I welcome our new fan and enjoyed reading his retorts but realized that shouldn't be necessary. Should someone demonstrate expertise, make qualified points and show interest with a clear writing style... Bravo! Let them share their opinion without duress. If you have a strong opinion the other direction, state it as your opinion supporting why you feel that way. The purchaser reads both opinions and make their decision as - informed.

We all agree there are too many ambiguous variables, user bias, brand loyalties, etc. with parts like brake pads and engine oil. This is all about sharing and exploring options to be had. I'm glad to be able to read those options and welcome all.
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