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Originally Posted by TallSkinnyMatt View Post
Even if it could be done, you're looking at an M3 with high mileage. Just wait till all the maintenance issues start piling in! Especially since he wants SMG.
Yea, SMG's are expensive to fix, and there are reports of that transmission failing a lot. To each our own but why not a 6 speed? Nothing like it. I bought an 02 330i m-tech 1 at 120,112 on the clock and the maintenance is tough. To be honest, it's more of the neglected maintenance from the previous owner, but even at that, you have an idea how much maintenance is needed for a car like this. Now an M3 ? You're just asking for it. It's going to cost more, so just make sure it's at least in decent condition. I am in no way trying to "hate" on you and or, not trying to keep you from buying your car but, it is what it is. I wish you all the luck. Thanks for joining our community !
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