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I will be supplying knock down kits for current diff builder clients (b2b) in Europe/aus/asia; I'm not sure the adaptation is easy enough to give out to individuals to assemble; those with the skills/tools to build this kind of unit will likely be a very high end speed shop or differential/gearing specialist.

Parts to allow for this conversion have taken quite a long time to re-engineer; building differentials is something I have been doing for over a decade; this conversion was extremely time consuming and not for the faint of heart or budget user.

A lot of precise setup is required; diff building is pretty simple but there is a learning curve (much like wheel to wheel track racing with contact).

Two units were built from scratch here in the Bay Area; both are different styles and purpose built for their applications; the billet spacer LSD is for a 600rwhp turbocharged e39.

Billet ring gear spacer is for LOW ratios; 2.35/2.65/2.93/3.07 final drive is available for those going for turbo or v8 power setups.

Billet top cap adaptation is considerably more expensive in cost and is for: 3.15/3.23/3.38/3.46/3.64/3.73/3.91/ 4.10-4.88 final drive ratios. The costs increase quite a bit as the center stack had to be repositioned with bespoke billet parts (and USA labor costs).

Guys running double over drive T56+Lsx v8 engines have picked anywhere between 3.15-4.45 ratios.

The cheapest/easiest way to get a LSD into a e46non m is to buy a Kaaz and stuff it in. Hopefully one understands how to set it up: or deal with its grumpiness. Many Japanese car friends use them and have had to remove/re set multiple times- average for friends with street driven HPDE 350z/370z friends to re set the Kaaz has been about 3x.

Notes on KAAZ:

it's a Race unit. Annoying as hell on street for low speed parking/u turns etc if ran as is out of the box bran new. It's strong as hell but requires KAAZ fluid only (not cheap at all). Kaaz uses steel discs and oil expansion to lock- no clutch material. Using the special kaaz Oil is incredibly important in that style of diff; conventional cheap 75-90 will have very increased wear in the Kaaz center section. Rebuild / reset is also recommended every couple years depending on application.

If comparing an e30 with Kaaz or Oem LSD in a car that needs to see street duty; ill take the ZF OEM unit every day; I removed the Kaaz in my streeted e30 and replaced it a Oem zf unit to save my ears from noise when parking
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