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Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
I have owned many guns. Most with "high capacity" magazines. Some are considered by the main-stream media/politicians to be "assault weapons". However, for what I use them for they are simply "fun" (the AWs anyway). My hunting rifles are much more deadlier than any "assault" rifle I've owned, and my shotgun is a more effective weapon in most situations than my "high capacity" handguns.

Those purchasing them now (for the most part) seem to be people with little or no knowledge of firearms and their uses, except for the paranoid "I want to be ready to be a part of the resistance" people. The prices are generally outlandish right now (lower receivers for 2-3x their normal price 3 months ago?). The people paying them are not firearms enthusiasts with a level head on their shoulders. They are profiteers hoping to have "grandfathered gun" they can sell later, right-win extremists who actually think civil war is weeks or months away, and new-comers who have no idea what they are doing with the guns. I would almost agree that anyone but the first category probably shouldn't be buying them (shouldn't be prevented from buying them, just shouldn't be buying them).

Then there are those of us who are long time shooters/gun owners with previous plans to expand our collections, but got caught up in this mess.

I started actively hunting for an AR about a month before Sandy Hook. I held off all year because I was hoping to score one via Black Friday/ Holiday Specials (like I did my first Rifle last year.)
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