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Rules for an awesome healthy fit life

Read labels on foods. If you don't know how, learn.

Stay away from foods that you don't know how to read ingredients in them. Which mostly means stop eating outside, if you do stick to chicken salads with vinaigrette dressing.

It's 80% about what you eat and 20% your workout. So find your self top meals you like to eat. Make those meals composed of (lean red meat, chicken breasts, fish) and veggies.

As a rule of thumb for a day; 1.5-2 pounds of lean meat, 2lbs of veggies + 1-2 fruits.

Limit your carb intake to 10-20% of daily calories. So cut rice, pasta, etc.... You can have carbs on working out days. But clean complex carbs like whole grains and sweet potatoes.

Flaxseeds is something you should think about adding to about everything you eat. It's awesome!

Eat whenever you feel hungry. As longs as it's clean food. You can have a sweet cheat meal once a week.

There is no pills to burn fat. It's all BS. Eat fish (salmon or cod, something low in mercury) at least once a week and eat flax seeds (each 33g has 2400mg of omega 3). You can take a natural multivitamin to aid in digestion and get missing minerals like opti-men multivitamin brand.

Juice is not that good for you. It's mostly sugar. Your favorite drink should be water or a protein shake with fresh spinach, kale banana, berries, etc... (whatever you like). Your protein shake should not have more than 2g of sugar or fat, 5g of carbs.

For working out, forget about abs, walking, and running. Pick three of below and do 3 times a week. Do 5 sets of 5 reps. Balance upper and lower body. Start with low weights, but you want to be almost reaching failure on 5th rep:

Front squats, back squats, bench press with dumbbells, shoulder press, dead lifts, pullups, or chinups.

The gym is not to chat or socialize, neither it's not a place where you're comfortable. You need to be sweating and keep your heart rate pumping. You need to push yourself. Every week you should be adding 5lbs to your weights. That's how you measure your progress. After a while you cannot progress that same way as muscles need more time to recover.

Don't jump among lifting programs. Pick one and stick with it at least for a couple of months.

Stay focused and keep it real.

Follow this for 2 months, and come thank me. Remember you want to live a healthy life style, it's not a temp diet, you need to enjoy food you're eating and going to the gym. You can also do all workouts at home with minimal equipment. Just stop being a p**** and do it.

If you know about ingredients used in restaurants you won't even feed their food to stray dogs and cats. You deserve better.

Anything to add?
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