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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Out of that list, my current vote would go to cyberkaa, I'd also give honorable mention to TerraPhantom, Solidjake, jfoj, and myself. This applies to only General E46 posters.

Who's the current greatest forum member?

E46Mango - forcefully tells people to buy new car parts and ridicules them if they don't agree, ever since his thread got stickied. Lately on a rebound;
Not really. My 98 M3 was also given the complete maintenance treatment I post here on the forums and sold top dollar to someone that's never met me or has seen the car in person before. They bought it on blind trust based on my maintenance regimen on another forum which predates my presence here on this one.

I've always given the same help and advice and never tolerate bad information including that which could lead to the demise of someone's car (like neglecting cooling stuff). I've never experienced a single breakdown or check engine light. I guess that's a bad thing to some.

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