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Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
ok, 1 at a time

So for the audio thing do you connect the rca wires coming out of the unit (with the white connector) to the car or are they just left dangling there ? I understand that you have a front BMW radio system but do you have like 27 RCA inputs on the BMW system to connect the RCA cables to ?

Basically in my standard BMW system unit I have the big navigation box in the front with 1 blue and 1 white connector linked to a loom which is going back and plugged partly in the BM54 radio module and partly in the amplifier (the loom splits when arriving in the trunk).

I understand the "sound" from the BM54 radio which sits in the trunk does not need to come forward in the navigation/display unit but the sound from the front CD (because there is also the CD charger in the back) does go from the big front box (navi+cd) to the back and the amp

So my theory is to use the existing BMW loom between front and read to send the sound from the to the amp, right ?

Or do I need Charles to send me a "front RCA to back amp" long cable ?

On the black enco connector which plugs into the 046 I have 16 wires with 2 green, 2 brown, 2 purple and 2 white so for me it should match the 4 channels outputs (FR, FL, RR and RL) but still no sound....weird...

One possible explanation is that I have a single blue wire with an "AMP CTRL" label on it, what is it supposed to do ? I only had the user manual but no installation manual...

Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
Yep, I have the big system with the big front navi screen and all the boxes in the back, and I have no sound....

If you have the OEM navigation you need the Fakra cable to send the sound from the back amp to the front. Look for installation of the Dynavin system, the procedure is pretty same.

Usually you don't need to use any RCA cables (if stock audio) of the unit, just the black connectors.

I guess you can buy the cable from Enco or any other suppliers who sales dynavin system, don't know which is cheaper...

Bonne chance...

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