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Originally Posted by CP3 View Post
thank you. That's what I am saying. it's not like i read through her emails or other text messages. I answered a shady text after she lied about not knowing who it was.

And I did "man up" and ask first. She lied. I need some confirmation before ending the relationship. It wasn't worth it to me to risk dumping a girl without proof.

If she had just explained that was someone she met before she dated me, that would have been the end of it. But she acted suspicious.

I really don't think a lot of people are really answering honestly. I am almost 99% certain most of you would do the same.
You were suspicious, went fusing for information to back up your suspicions, and found exactly what you were looking for.

Throw out everything else in your OP and summarize as this: I didn't trust this girl, she didn't trust me, we're not together anymore.

That's a happy ending in most books.

First you accuse girl you thought was "the one" of being dishonest, now you're accusing most of us of the same. Trust issues much?
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