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how have you never gotten a straight answer? use your brain a little more and read. Jesus.

Originally Posted by Sansho View Post
I see many posts on different forums like this .... "I've read everything there is to read, but none answer my unique question, which is (something basic)."
All that says is: "I didn't actually read the threads, just glanced and wasn't able to dissect the information that I didn't fully understand anyways so all of you can do the work."


"Your engine was designed to operate with oil in a certain viscosity range, which is a kV100 of roughly between 11.3 cSt and 14.5 cSt and an HTHS of at least 3.5 mPas @ 150C. If you deviate too much from that range, your engine will wear prematurely, especially if you drive it hard.

The kV100 range for an SAE 30 oil is 9.3 to <12.5 cSt and for an SAE 40 range it's 12.5 to <16.3 range. The minimum HTHS requirement for both ranges is 2.9.

So it should be obvious that merely buying a 5W-30 or 5W-40 oil does not guarantee your oil will be within the correct viscosity range for your car. Furthermore, merely buying an API SJ, SL, or SM oil does not guarantee your oil will be in the correct viscosity range. If you buy an ACEA A3 oil, you can at least be sure you'll have the correct HTHS, but that's about it.

So what's the easiest way to make sure you've got the correct oil for your car. Use a BMW LL-01, LL-04, or even LL-98 if you've got a M52TU.

As for the proposition "I'm also going to choose an oil based on current (2008) oil specs and capabilities rather than relying on that old partially complete list BMW put together in 2001 (LL-01)", that's just pure inanity from a well known ignoramus.

If you actually want to learn something about the appropriate oil for your car, follow the "Oil" link below in the sig. If all you want to do blather on about how you've seen through the conspiracy the BMW/neocon/freemason cabal has foisted upon the sheeple, by all means carry on."

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