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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
For a casual shoe?

You guys have a boner for AE's and I've seen maybe 1 attractive pair posted in here.
Well that is your opinion. The classic/traditional shoe may not fit in everyone's wardrobe, however if you are a fan of Alden, C&J, etc... then I'm not sure how you can't find a handful of AE's that suit your style. They are all styled relatively the same.

As far as having a boner for them. Yea, I will admit it. Deal with them and compare them up against others in the $300+ range. They have far better construction than your entry level piece of crap glued rubber soled Ferragamos/Gucci/To Boot NY/etc. They can be 100% recrafted for the price of a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes. The leather is definitely better quality than most. And to top it off, their customer service whether in store or over the phone/email, is second to none. AE is a stand up company, which is something that can't be said for many companies out there...
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